Would love the prek one!! Two young ones here would benifit now, and two more younger ones in the future!

Stephanie Morris

i would love the kindergarten workbook!

Denise DeVault

Would LOVE the Kindergarten app for my son! Looks awesome!

Dionisia Ray

Not picky ... either one would be a wonderful addition to our pool of educational apps.

Mary Costello

Would love to get a code for my son's new ipad at school.


We would love the kindergarten version. Amazing app!

Irishautism these apps!

Kylie Vdh

I would just love the kindergarten version, my daughter has just been diagnosed with a form of dyslexia on top of her other special needs, I really feel that this app would be beneficial in giving her a helping hand with her schoolwork...thank you for the opportunity!


I'm a Speech Pathologist who works with kids with Autism and other disabilities. I would love to have the Kindergarten app!

Sue Wood

I would like the Pre-K versions for my granddaughter.


Pre-K for Buddy.. plz thanks

Tara Neville

I would love the pre-kinder app for my daughter.

María Ascensión Pérez Rivas

I will love to win one of the Kindergarten Digital Workbook for my child, its a great app!!


Our Sophie would love the Pre-K version! What a great give-away


We would like to try the Kindergarten version, thank you...


I'd love the Kindergarten version. Thanks for the giveaway! ♥


Either the Kindergarten app or the Preschool app would be good for me. I am a speech pathologist and these apps would increase the language skills of my students.

Carol MacMartin

I would love to have the pre-k one, as my grandson whom lives with me will be three in feb and could really use this one. Thanks

Account Deleted

I would like to play the PreK Digital Workbooks, thanks!

Becky Eggert

Either would be fine; have special needs boys who fit into each of the apps! And thank you so much for participating in this Open House!! It's been amazing!

Sarah Minardi-Giefert

would love either...fingers crossed!!!

Katie Zuehlke

We would LOVE to check out the kindergarten Space Boards App. Looks like a great one. Thanks for sharing!


We live day to day, in anticipation of the Apocalypse, in a world with no future.
But there is another way -


We live day to day, in anticipation of the Apocalypse, in a world with no future.
But there is another way -


Open any of these doors:

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