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Desiree Brown

The moon looks like a banana at times because it goes thru cycles where only part of it is in view, also cus monkeys like bananas so what better thing to look like :0)

Cassandra Stafford

Hmmm...the moon sometimes looks like a banana because sometimes part of it is hidden in the earth's shadow.

Mandy Nite

The moon sometimes looks like a banana because little alien mice and little alien monkeys got into a fight and whoever won got to have the moon look like their faviort food. Needless to say the monkeys won :) oh and it's just how the moon cycles around the Earth too but I like my story better lol :)

Holly Caulfield

It has to do with where the moon is in relation to the earth and what portion of its surface is reflecting light from the sun and which is in the shadows or something like that!

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