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Cassandra Stafford

Yes - I have heard of them, but do not yet have any of their apps. Hoping to soon though! :)

Kris Reichert

I have heard about it and I would love to get the comprehension therapy.

Mellisa Essenburg

I am familiar with them and have had a chance to see some of the apps in action but don't have them myself yet!

Edeana Greig

Yes, have heard of them. Grateful that Smart App for Kids can guide us to such apps. I've never won one, but have downloaded many! Thanks!

Karyn Kempke

No - I didn't know about Tactus Therapy Solutions! I'm so glad I found them through your page!


I have not heard of Tactus Therapy Solutions. Thank you for the knowledge. It would be a blessing to own these apps

Stacie Lewin

Yes I have heard of them before know. I am very interested in their apps.

Melissa Parker

I currently own one Tactus App and look forward to building my collection to include all of them! My clients and I LOVE it!!


no I have not heard of Tactus Therapy Solutions. but from looking at their site but they have great & interesting apps

Mike Martel

I got to meet them at ASHA this year. Lovely couple with some great apps!


These apps look great!


Yes, I heard about it from technology in educations new years app party.

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