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Mandy Nite

Who My kids
What Smarty Ears
Where Smart apps for kids
How Winning the give away :)
Why to help with their WH?'s
When Dec 7th

Christine Panczyk

Who ....Jonathon

What......Smarty Ears

Where....smart apps for kids

How.....web giveaway

Why......to help special needs children succeed

When......Dec 7th at noon

Michelle McNutt

Who - My wonderful daughter Shelby
What - A helpful WH app
Where - Here at Smart Apps for kids
How _ Through the giving heart of Ron at Smart Apps for Kids and Smarty Ears
Why - To give children with Special Needs or learning disabilities a chance
When - Everyday that App developers give!!!!!

Cassandra Stafford

Who is for my special kiddos who need to learn.
What is for WHquestions.
When is for from here to infinity and beyond.
Where is for in therapy and beyond.
Why is for an important skill to learn.
How is for the great people at Smart Apps for Kids and Smarty Ears.
Thank you!!

Linda Verburg

Who? My hard working students
What? An app that will help them with the language skills
When? As soon as I win it :)
Where? To be used in our resource room
Why? Because we LOVE anything that makes what's hard for them, FUN!!

Thanks for the opportunity!


-WHO? Why
-WHAT? How
-WHERE? When
-HOW? Who
-WHY? What
-WHEN? Where
See.... I really need this!!!! :)

A Facebook User

Who?-many happy students
What?- this awesome app that make learning more fun
Where? at school
How? with an iPad
Why?- because it will make learning to use and understand questions fun
When? Every day!

Tricia Kenny

Who wants to win? Me!
What do I want to win? This app!
Where do I want to win it? On the Smart Apps for Kids Page!
How do I want to win it? Pick my name!!!
Why do I want to win it? Because I work on wh questions all day long at work!
When do I want to use it? See above :)

Shannon Stilwell

Who? Me! I wanna win this for the boys. I have a 3 and 4 year old on spectrum who can't answer these questions and LOVE their ipad.
What? This app please!
Where? Here at our house!
How? By entering here
Why? To help my boys. Would do anything for them!
When? Today!

Bernadette Sagman

Who ? My son
What? WhQuestions
Where? smart apps for kids
How?Smart apps for kids giveaway
Why? to help with the Wh questions
when? In less then a hour

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