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Starla Johnson

I like See.Touch.Learn. because it helps build vocabulary and has amazing pictures. I like injini, but I've only tried the free version. I love how it covers the skills in a developmental progression. It works great for fine motor and academics! (If I got the $100 gift card, I could buy the full version... hint, hint). I also like picturebook. I love being able to create books for my students (schedule books, social stories, concept books...). It is a very user friendly and fast way to create books.


Stack the States hands down!

Michelle McNutt

There are may apps that we like, educational, speech, spelling, numbers, letters, etc. I have to say our favorite is the book "The Monster at the end of the Book" I love that Grover narrates the whole book. It is so good it sucks you in!! Thank you for all your giveaways!!!!

Susie Goneau

I love PuppetPals, because you can import personal pictures and create plays using your recorded voice!
BrainPop is another wonderful app that is free and has a new, educational video every day.
UnderSea Math is also a fun math game that reinforces basic math facts.

Deborah Parsonage

#1 ROCKET MATH!!! This is a fabulous app - the kids don't even realise that they are doing Math!!
#2 NOSY CROW INTERACTIVE BOOKS - these books are pricey compared to other apps but reasonable compared to other books - We got The Three Little Pigs and it is worth every cent - the kids LOVE IT. Going to get Cinderella next! Only flaw - does not highlight words but a really awesome app
#3 ART MAKER - this is an Australian app by ABC Playschool Australia. It allows kids to create drawings and to make their own story books with animation and sound - my kids LOVE hearing their own voices and have been very creative with this app AND it's FREE!!!

Account Deleted

I’m impressed with SketchBook. It will stay on my iPad as the drawing tool of choice. It works seamlessly and operates entirely through you, meaning you can do what you want where you want, without limitation. Highly recommended
Other apps Nasa app,Mathboard ,Evernote

Nicole Steimling

I really like Dexteria. My daughter loves the crabs and I know that it is truly working her fine motor. My daughter really loves any of the Monkey Preschool apps. She just thinks the monkey is adorable, but I like how educational it is!

Morgan Kolis

#1 Favorite and Most Used- ABC Magnetic Alphabet. This may sound silly, but this App has made "Working with Words" so much easier and less time consuming. We don't need paper letters anymore! We don't need magnetic letters! We don't need boxes to store them and they don't get lost when we turn on the fan! This App has allowed us to do Working with Words every single day! LOVE.

#2 Story Builder- My kiddos LOVE to hear themselves after they've recorded a story. I have a student who is writing only at the word level, but is now able to tell a story using her own words thanks to Story Builder.

#3 Oceanhouse Media books- such a nice variety of picture books that kids LOVE.

#4- Ruckus Media books- another great variety of books that kids are engaged in!

#5- Five Little Monkeys by Loeschware. My students are in LOVE.

#6- Wooden Puzzles- Love the option to make the pieces rotate so that kids must use two hands to place each piece.

Katie Zuehlke

We love
*Montessori Crosswords- this app has a variety of levels for work making and provides fun little "extra" activities to for kids to explore once they have made a few words.
*Play Home- This app is prefect for kids who like to "play house" there is always something to explore and imagine!
*Everyday Math's Monster Squeeze - this app is helpful for developing number sense. I like that it can be played alone or with a partner. You can also change the range of number's used for this "guess my number game".
Thanks for collecting these apps. It will be fun to read about the top apps. :)

Christine Panczyk

See Touch Learn ....Brain Parade

Toca Boca Barber Shop

First Words Deluxe

Mandy Nite

Brain Parade Pro
Social Express

Mandy Nite

forgot to say why :)
Brain Parade Pro because there is so many different activities to do with the app from flash cards to working on recognizing pictures

Dextria because of the fine motor activities that my children need and love to play

Social Express because this app has so much to do with social skill learning that I can't even believe it myself and it's fun for my older two to work with :)

Holly Azevedo

I like Brain Pop - it is educational and my students love the robot character.

Teach Me 1st Grade - teaches kids high frequency words, writing, and simple math facts. It lets the kids earn coins for answering questions correctly then they can cash in the coins to make a habitat.

Stacking States - kids answer questions about a state. They have to stack the states, once they get the right answer, without having the states toppling off. Works on spatial skills and state facts.

Katia Pereira

See.Touch. Learn. from Brain Parade. It is what I have now and try to work with my son. I like because I am able to create our own lessons and able to record.


There are so many wonderful educational apps out there. It's hard to pick just a few. Here are our current favorites!

Subtracting Sardines/Adding Apples/Multiplying Acorns - This suite of math apps is a fun and easy way to teach the concept with wonderful visuals and interaction.

Kids Maps - Wonderful for teaching geography which just doesn't happen early enough.

My Playhome - great for role playing & descriptive language play.

There's No Place Like Space - Who wouldn't love the Cat in the Hat teaching about our solar system with the classic Seussical spin?!

Loopseque Kids - Simple music composition for budding little artists. No points, no pressure just the simple joy of sound.

RYAN Chong

TEACH ME: FIRST GRADE is phenomenal.

Bernadette Sagman

I love chore pad becuase it is helping my son bemore independant and he looks at his to do list and is begining to know to take his medication in the morning and night.
Dial safe helping learn our new number I am even using it now becuase I do no call myself often and will probably take us both a while to learn.
dexteria is a fun for Ot
and my sons favorite is aliens vs presidents who knew he knew so much about presidents.
I dont have many apps as we use this thru my iphone but wanted to vote

Rebecca Aman

So hard to choose just 3.

ABA Flashcards by Kindergarten.com - these have brought a voice to both my 9yo and 4yo sons (both with ASD). Very simple and easy for kids to use and understand.

All Mobile Education apps, but working with Preposition Builder now. Amazing how my 9yo son is catching on.

iLEAP Touch Spot Addition & Subtraction - the only apps I have come across that help my 9yo son practice his touch math. This is how he does math at school.

Cheryl Hagedorn

There are so many great apps, it is hard to pick one or two, but my current favorite for preschoolers is Puzzingo, great for fine motor, vocabulary, categories, etc. and the kids LOVE it! I also love Language Builder, it can be used in so many different ways!


TeachMe: 1st Grade has cool handwriting recognition for both math and spelling! Deserves a vote! TeachMe: Kindergarten got us hooked!

Greg Huhn

We put our money on TeachMe Kindergarten by 24x7 Digital. In fact, it was the first app we purchased when we hooked up our new iphone 4s 2 weeks ago, and it has lived up to it's reputation. The developers have a nice touch with their risk-reward system, as my 4-year old loves to show off her "coins" with each successive correct answer. The interface for the three Rs is engaging and spot-on as age-appropriate. We can't wait to step up to TeachMe 1st Grade. Right on 24x7 Digital!


I love Injini for my preschoolers. It gets them talking.


I have an almost five year old daughter with ASD. It is hard to pick only three apps

Bob Books Word Magic - I love that you can have the letters voiced as letter names or phonetically. I think hearing the phonetic sounds helps my daughter learn to say them properly.

Toca Boca Hair Salon - Making haircuts fun!

Iwrite Words - This app is simple, but really helped my daughter get confident with tracing letters.

If my daughter were going to choose I think she would add Tozzle and The Monster at the End of the Book

Bernadette Nolan

My little one fav's are toca boca tea party, kidsmag,fierce grey mouse
There all great
Toca boca for her imagination
Kidsmag as there are loads of different games and puzzles
Fierce grey mouse for the story.
It's hard to choose there are slot of grat apps out there

Sharon Swindell

It's hard to choose just three! If I had to, however, any of the Builder Apps from Mobile Education would be on it. I use them all, but Conversation Builder, Story Builder and Sentence Builder I use the most (though I love Question Builder, Language Builder, Preposition Builder and Speech Journal too!)

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